MTI is ISO 9001:2000 certified

    Motor Teknologi & Industri Sdn Bhd is being developed as a world class center for:-

       • Re-manufacturing (re-building) of industrial and automotive diesel engines.
           Our engine re-manufacturing facility in Rawang Integrated Industrial Park is fully
           equipped with the best equipments in the business. Machinery

           Re-manufacturing in MTI translates to an extensive reworking of all components
           at such extent that the components can pass a comparison with new, as specified
           by the original equipment manufacturer specification. Components that are not fit
           for the reworking process will be replaced with new parts. Replaced components
           are usually wearable parts such as bearings, rings, pistons and gaskets.
           Re-manufacturing workflow

           After the extensive process of re-manufacturing, the engines are tested using a
           dynamometer to ensure they meet the original manufacturer specification.

       • Manufacturing of components utilizing CNC machines.
           We have the capability to manufacture components utilizing CNC machines centers
           (Computer Numerical Controlled). Our focus will be to manufacture obsolete
           components and assist customers in re-engineering of equipment and machinery.

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